Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tiny things matter

Yesterday, my daughter came by to say hello and show me something special-so she said. She had stopped by a house to look at poodle pups and met a man and his wife-she was a deputy somewhere else and he's wheelchair bound. As they visited and talked he recognized my name and went and got a special picture he had- and showed it to her. In high school- he had a lot of problems and the school counselor gave him this picture and he cherished it, had it laminated, and kept it on the wall of each house he lived in. It was a picture of spiderman on a 3 foot square of butcher paper- signed and dated by------- me. In 10th grade I had drawn it, signed and dated it-while I was sitting in the principles office-lol. I was in the office for drawing in class and not paying attention-go figure. Spiderman was a hero to this man and that picture inspired him all these years. He got married 12 years to the day-of the date on the poster.
Kind of makes you stop and think sometimes about how tiny things can make such a huge difference in later years in other peoples lives.