Saturday, November 10, 2007

Styling and Profiling

The weather is finally starting to actually cool down here a bit so I dusted off the leather jacket and bought a new pair of CONVERSE and went to the final game of the football season Friday night. Many friends and the kids friends thought I looked pretty cool-for an old hick from the sticks.
And to think I would almost cry in junior high when mom made me wear stuff like this. I thought it was so dorky and dumb. Not sure if the times have changed that much or my fashion sense is finally in style! Go figure. Yall have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Birthday daddy.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am an addict-{of Flikr}

Haven't blogged in a while-had to let my brain cells re energize and enjoy a vacation from work too. I have become addicted to playing and posting my pictures I take. I snap anything and everything. It's so much fun. Everyone watches me when I go somewhere to make sure if I have the camera-they know they gotta be careful or I'll get em. lol It is a lot of fun though and much harder than you think to take really good pictures. I got a long ways to go. I have enjoyed having the oldest one home on leave and we have done everything together. Even bought the boys a Xbox 360 so they could play Halo 3. Like the PlayStation 2 wasn't good enough-or the 90 games no fun anymore.
Later gators