Monday, January 28, 2008

meaningless rambling

A daylight shot of my car-love it so much.

I was very proud of additions I made to the car Saturday-so I washed it early Sunday morning in the cold and took this photo. Guess it makes me feel young at heart. All the young pups at work call me the OLD MAN!! Go figure- I am only 44. And I have to wear reading glasses to see fine print. I am not old yet. Just on my way real good. I always have advice for the other boys and they all say {ok DAD}-we hear ya! The boss man scolded me for spinning the tires on one of the trucks and said with a smile-you are supposed to set an example, not be the example. Then we both laughed-never thought I'd be looked upon as the responsible elder others look at for guidance and mentorship. Guess I am growing up a little. Still can't get any of the boys to race me and my car yet, tho. They are afraid this old man would kick their butt. HAHAHA Life is only as much fun as you let it be.

I am having a ball!!!

Later gators.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wonderful Saturdays

I work half a day Sunday evenings instead of Saturdays- so I had the day off. I managed to put brakes on all the way around my car, get the oil changed, replaced the batteries, hoses and belt, checked all fluids, washed and vacuumed it, drove to Sequin and ordered a part for my oven, then drove to San Antonio and bought and installed a set of Koenig wheels on the car, installed a set of Ricaro pilot seats in front of it, installed fender vents on front fenders and red led washer nozzles on hood. All in all- I need to go to work to rest. These days off are tiring. Forgot to go grocery shopping tho. Had to take a pic in the dark.

Later gators

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I believe in...

I believe in ...? That could be a trick question or a start to a fight or a long debate or many different things. So many of the people I see on a daily basis at work or in town, don't seem to believe in a whole lot. ME- I believe in a lot of things. I believe in miracles, my kids, love, being alive, UFOs, reading, listening to good music, Mom and Dads, schools.... the list could go on forever.
I believe in you too! I believe in being kind to others and polite and being on time to work. I guess I believe in a way of life that used to be the norm. So I try to fuse the then and now and make it good. So far it is working.

I believe I have no clue what this post is about- my pain meds are REALLY working good. Love you all.
Later gators.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank goodness for DENTIST's

Good god man-I had a toothache and sinus headache all weekend. Made my weekend REALLY long. Started calling dentists this morning trying to find one open on a holiday. Thank goodness -I found one. She asked me after looking at my terrible teeth-would I like to pull it now or schedule another time. DUH-for me to break down and go see a doctor or dentist- it's gotta be bad.
I told her I'm not leaving this chair till that tooth is out-period. So she pulled out 3 teeth!! Two of them surgically. Guess she believed me.
So I then spent the rest of the day with a half deadened face and swole up cheek. At least I didn't drool all afternoon.
All in all- I still thank all the doctors and dentists out there. Everyone hates to see you-but feel better after the visit-sort of.
Later gators-my pain meds are working real good.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Howdy neighbors

After a little break-I'm back ready to bore you to death. Kids asked me the other day what my New Years resolution was-I told em "keep breathing" and so far that's a good one to keep. Told the boss man the other day I sure couldn't wait for the other two kids to grow up and he asked why. Was I going to be glad to get rid of them? NO-just maybe my zoo will stop expanding!
The school sent home a little cabbage plant with my 8 year old for him to grow for an experiment. He was all excited and gave me the papers that they sent. It said to give the cabbage plant 4 square FOOT of growing space.
Its January, freezing cold, and he wants a 4 foot square pot for the living room for his cabbage plant! Have they lost their minds? Think I ought to go fill the teachers pickup bed with soil and plant it in there.
Oh well-life goes on!
Later gators.