Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rum Cake

Ingredients :1 or 2 quarts rum
1 cup butter
2 large eggs
1 cup dried fruit
baking powder -1 teaspoon
lemon juice
brown sugar
Before you start - sample the rum to check for quality. Good - isn't it? Now go ahead. Select a large mixing bowl, measuring cup, etc. Check the rum again. It must be just right. To be sure rum is of the highest quality, pour one level cup of rum into a glass and drink it as fast as you can. Repeat. With an electric mixer, beat one cup cup of butter in a fluffy bowl. Add 1 seaspoon of thugar and beat again. Meanwhile, make sure that the rum is of the quinest fality. Cry another tup. Open second quart if necessary. Add 2 arge leggs, 2 cups fried druit and beat till high. If druit get stuck in beater, just pry loose with a drewscriver. Sample the rum again, checking for tonscisticity. Next, sift 3 cups of peper or salt (it really doesn't matter). Sample the rum again. Sift 1/2 pint of lemon juice. Fold in chopped butter and strained nuts. Add a babblespoon of brown thugar, or whatever color you can find. Wix mell. Grease oven and turn cake pan to 350 gredees. Now pour the whole mess into the cover and ake. Check the rum again, and bo to ged.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smelling Countrified

I stepped out onto the front porch to smoke a ciggy{ I don’t smoke in the house}. It was about 10:20 in the evening. It was cool and clear and smelled so fresh and clean and countrified. And I could hear a million frogs{no pun intended Kvatch} singing their sweet rain songs, I could hear the last few bird chirps as they roost for the evening, I could hear the crickets coming to life. Down the road a dog was barking, cats were mewing around my feet, and I was awestruck. All these sounds created a beautiful scene in my mind. I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. It was so peaceful and relaxing UNTIL as I pulled the cigarette from my lips, it stuck and I pulled the cherry out between my fingers and it fell in my shirt pocket and burned a hole in me and pocket!!!
The moral of the story is I need to quit smoking.

Celibrate Scotland

Ah...New York - the big Apple - so good they named it twice. And through the first week of April, Scotland is going to paint the town...well....tartan! Now in it's ninth year, Tartan Week-New York, the annual celebration of all things Scottish, kicks off on the 31st March
And there is something for everyone... My ancestors are Scottish-but you can't pay me enough to run around in a Kilt! I'm just not built for it. I need tartan colored pants or something like that. My ancestors founded the country of Scotland-but I think they could have invented something better to wear in that cool climate. Oh well-enough of my silliness. I am so very proud of my ancestors and I try to base my life on their strong moral lifestyle. I hope I do them justice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All Grown Up

I guess at almost 44 years old, I'm almost grown up!! HAHA----NOT. I do say things and stop and think-oooooh-that sounded like Daddy. The kids call me an old square, stick in the mud... But I got news for them-I'm still as goofy as I ever was. We have burping and farting contests, moon each other, chase each other around the house wrestling, see who can climb the tree the fastest, who can build the coolest gizmo with legos...
Although I do have to watch it with Sarah{my daughter} around. She burps better than all of us. Hope she don't do that in public and say its my fault.
I admit that with maturity, your priorities seem to gradually change though. I enjoy nap time now. TV time is really snoozing time. Companionship is as important as sex. HAHA----NOT, well almost. I am glad to have a vehicle that runs-don't care what it looks like. In fact-I don't care what I look like either now. I've no worries about a mid-life crisis. I plan on living for 150 years. So I've got plenty of time for that later on. I have money left over each week-must be a sign of getting older. I seem to have more funny lines I shave over each day in the mornings.
I guess having a 17 year old signed up in the Marines does make me feel old. Or it will before he gets out. All I know is when I'm really old and in a wheelchair-MTV-pimp my ride!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bathtub toy

Can you imagine rowing or trolling in your backyard pond and running across this? People would think your nuts if you told anyone about seeing this in the water. Poor folks in Florida run across these beasts fairly often - another good reason to be back in Texas, nowhere near gator water, I THINK! Gotta good rain last night here, although I'm about tired of the rain.

Lator gators. HAHA

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nessie or not

A LOCH Ness Monster theory which suggests the creature is a living dinosaur has been dealt a blow by scientists.
Many believe that Nessie is a plesiosaur, a long-necked marine reptile which sought refuge in Scotland's second-largest freshwater loch when most of the species died out 160 million years ago.

But Dr Leslie Noe, a palaeontologist at Cambridge University's Sedgwick Museum, discovered that the plesiosaur would have been unable to lift its head up, swan-like, out of the water.
Dr Noe, whose findings are reported in this month's New Scientist, told experts at a meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology in Canada, that plesiosaurs used their long necks to reach down and feed on soft-bodied animals living on the sea floor. By examining fossils of a plesiosaur, Muraenosaurus, and by calculating the articulation of the neck bones, Dr Noe concluded the neck was flexible and could move most easily when pointing down.
Dr Noe said: "The neck was a feeding tube, collecting soft-bodied prey. The osteology of the neck makes it certain the plesiosaur could not lift its head up, swan-like, out of the water."
Mr Edwards, from Drumnadrochit, who runs Loch Ness cruises on his boat, the Nessie Hunter, said: "Most people don't support the dinosaur theory. The creature is some entirely new species. When you consider that every year in the open seas thousands of new species are discovered, this is the most likely explanation. But there's no doubt that a creature, one with a single hump, which most people report, does exist."

In my opinion, who cares. It's good for business and it's enjoyable for folks all over the world to hope and watch to be the first to see the creature and capture concrete proof. I think scientists need to be more critical of their priorities. Hard earned monies should be spent on better things for mankind than trying to debunk local legends around the world.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I warned you!

A little bird tells us about a program the state of Washington has approved, to issue RFID-equipped drivers licenses to facilitate cross-border traffic. The idea is to load the drivers license with information proving citizenship, so that (with Department of Homeland Security approval) the bearer doesn't need to carry a passport — which otherwise will be required to re-enter the US from Canada beginning in 2009. The "enhanced" licenses will require applicants to submit to an in-person interview and to show proof of citizenship. A pilot program in Washington begins January 2008. Officials hope for DHS approval of the program before the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 causes a spike in cross-border traffic. Just a little FYI.

cameras and toys

Never teach kids how to use a digital camera. They will catch you snoring.

Make sure the toys you buy the kids are big enough for you to test out-every day.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Never too old

Guess what I do now for a living? I'm a desiel truck mechanic working on 18 wheelers. And I got my truck license too{CDL}. I enjoy my new job tho. I work at Holmes Food-a chicken plant like Tysons. I was sitting on the front porch not long after I moved back into town and a man pulled up into the driveway. It looked just Santa Claus. I did a double take-it was in May of last year and was the wrong time of year. It was a man I've known forever and he wanted to know if I was interested in working on big trucks. I told him I never worked on any but he said he had faith in my ability as a car mechanic and offered me a position and pay I couldn't refuse. The Lord works in strange ways sometimes. I had just filled out my first job app when he showed up. Saved me a lot of headache and gas. My work is just down the road a ways, and decent hours. Taking my driving test was the worst part. Someone pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on brakes-just knew the officer in truck was gonna fail me. Guess she was too scared to ride with me again-so she passed me the first time. I was just as nervous as when I was eighteen and first took my car driving exam. They are fixing to build a new garage thats heated and cooled in a new location. I'm not sure I can work in that nice of a building.
Oh well- god its good to see signs of spring everywhere. Flowers are blooming everywhere on roadsides and fields and yards. Texas is beautiful. I have really enjoyed so much being back in the Lone Star state. And the kids enjoy having their friends come over on their bikes to play and ride. Guess thats enough for now-probably put you to sleep allready.

Words of Wisdom
Don't sneeze while shaving next to your noseholes-it sure bleeds a lot.

I'M BACK !!!

After a long period of not being online, I'm glad to say I'm back again. A freak lightning strike hit the house and fried everything I owned that was electric. Everything. It cost me a small fortune to buy everything new again. This is just a little post to let you internet junkies know Im back. Boy---computer withdrawals are no fun. At least I now have another new pc along with a house full of new things.