Tuesday, February 26, 2008

peach blossums

Between work and kids and school activities, not much day is left open for my getting to play on my pc. I enjoyed this weekends weather so much. It felt like late spring and felt too good to stay indoors. Even the grass invited me to crank up the mower and give it a trim. All the trees have buds all over them and the peach tree is in full bloom. It was so invigorating to spend all that time outside after being cooped up in the house during all the cold weather. Face it folks----SPRING is really a very great time of the year-a fantastic season of blooms and fresh life in old dead looking things. It is hard not to have a fresh "spring" in your step and outlook this time of year. Now I guess I'll go and close the windows and turn on the heaters-supposed to be 36 tonight---boo hoo.

Later gators

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Kvatch said...

Rain, rain, rain... All we're seeing out here on the left coast. Not that we don't need it after 3 dry winters in a row. But I can't get out of the city for a hike to save my life. Ah well...