Saturday, November 10, 2007

Styling and Profiling

The weather is finally starting to actually cool down here a bit so I dusted off the leather jacket and bought a new pair of CONVERSE and went to the final game of the football season Friday night. Many friends and the kids friends thought I looked pretty cool-for an old hick from the sticks.
And to think I would almost cry in junior high when mom made me wear stuff like this. I thought it was so dorky and dumb. Not sure if the times have changed that much or my fashion sense is finally in style! Go figure. Yall have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Birthday daddy.


Larry said...

One would never think the clothes they were forced to wear in their youth, would end up being their chosen apparel later on.

Larry said...

Forget the mess Bush has made of the economy and of the mess he has made of the world today and be glad for what you still have.

Happy Thanksgiving !