Saturday, November 08, 2008

strange people-especially me

Isn't it strange how you can run across the strangest people on the Internet and at the same time-meet some of the nicest. Sure is hard to distinguish between the two at first. Unless you are neighbors- HI MARY ANN- its good to hear from you. I chat on instant messenger with a few ladies and have run across money scams, dirty cams and accidentally met some wonderful people. One lady in Holland is fantastic to talk to-no baloney, straight to the point hilarious nut like me. Another lady finally deleted her profile because of her job- but she opened my eyes to many things and I sure enjoyed our chats. I sure miss her allot. And yet another one has captured my heart-but my brain refuses to believe it yet-hahaha-oh well-someday I might learn to live and follow my brain instead of my heart. Till then- I follow my heart. I have one friend in Brazil who is an orthodontist. She is a hand full. Another in China-a dainty little traditional lady who loves this loco Texas slang I guess. A few ladies are from the Philippines. The point is- we exchange daily little comments and brighten up each others world allot. For little or no effort or time-a difference in someones life can be achieved-once in a while or daily. What if everyone tried this at the same time in the US alone. THAT would be something amazing to witness.

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MaryAnn said...

Isn't it funny that we are neighbors, but the only time we have contact is on the internet.

I have made some great friends on the internet. I have been a member of an online discussion group since 1999 and have met 39 members in person. Several have invited us to stay at their house while we are traveling, and others have cooked wonderful meals for us. And so far we haven't met any axe murderers. LOL