Sunday, November 01, 2009

Life is so unpredictable

Hello to one and all. It is a shame that this is the first post of this year-lol!! One year ago in October- I met on the internet one of the most amazing young ladies I have ever encountered, by accident. We both became friends and things developed into possibly much more. So I took vacation and went to Baja California for New Years. I spent a blissful week at Ensenada with the most wonderful woman in the world. I saw the Bufadora, wineries, took harbor cruise, ate way too much food, walked the beautiful streets at night. I never shopped so much in my life. I was in a paradise. But reality always catches up with you, and I had to come home. But that 11 days were so fantastic. That was an adventure I will always treasure and remember.
After returning home, I decided that it really sucked not having Selene with me here- so we started chatting about her coming here. In February on the 14th, she arrived in Kansas at her kinfolks and I went and picked her up. She now lives here with me and we will marry soon. She is 2 months pregnant and we are so happy. I found true love-and on the internet.

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Ida CM said...

I am a Crawford and have loved what I read of the Crawford history you posted. Started reading your blogs and really enjoyed them. Last one I find was the beginning of the year when you announced your impending marriage and the coming birth of a baby. You got me hooked and quit? According to DNA I am descended from the Crawfordjohn DNA group. Which is wonderful as I was there 12 years ago, before I knew of DNA testing, and later had my male cousin test for me. I was wondering if you have done DNA and are a member of the Rootsweb Crawford group.
Ida Crawford Madison