Thursday, January 17, 2008

Howdy neighbors

After a little break-I'm back ready to bore you to death. Kids asked me the other day what my New Years resolution was-I told em "keep breathing" and so far that's a good one to keep. Told the boss man the other day I sure couldn't wait for the other two kids to grow up and he asked why. Was I going to be glad to get rid of them? NO-just maybe my zoo will stop expanding!
The school sent home a little cabbage plant with my 8 year old for him to grow for an experiment. He was all excited and gave me the papers that they sent. It said to give the cabbage plant 4 square FOOT of growing space.
Its January, freezing cold, and he wants a 4 foot square pot for the living room for his cabbage plant! Have they lost their minds? Think I ought to go fill the teachers pickup bed with soil and plant it in there.
Oh well-life goes on!
Later gators.


Larry said...

In a few years you'll miss that cabbage plant when its owner grows up and moves out.

Misti said...

Hey Shiloh had that project a year or so ago, too. Difference was that it was during the spring when he got his.

I thought it was a plant for us to keep so we planted it in the garden. It was doing darn good, too, until he came home and informed us it had to be pulled up so they could compare the sizes of them all in school! So, we missed out on some home grown cabbage recipes (I'm sure, though, that David wasn't too upset about that!).