Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank goodness for DENTIST's

Good god man-I had a toothache and sinus headache all weekend. Made my weekend REALLY long. Started calling dentists this morning trying to find one open on a holiday. Thank goodness -I found one. She asked me after looking at my terrible teeth-would I like to pull it now or schedule another time. DUH-for me to break down and go see a doctor or dentist- it's gotta be bad.
I told her I'm not leaving this chair till that tooth is out-period. So she pulled out 3 teeth!! Two of them surgically. Guess she believed me.
So I then spent the rest of the day with a half deadened face and swole up cheek. At least I didn't drool all afternoon.
All in all- I still thank all the doctors and dentists out there. Everyone hates to see you-but feel better after the visit-sort of.
Later gators-my pain meds are working real good.

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