Monday, January 28, 2008

meaningless rambling

A daylight shot of my car-love it so much.

I was very proud of additions I made to the car Saturday-so I washed it early Sunday morning in the cold and took this photo. Guess it makes me feel young at heart. All the young pups at work call me the OLD MAN!! Go figure- I am only 44. And I have to wear reading glasses to see fine print. I am not old yet. Just on my way real good. I always have advice for the other boys and they all say {ok DAD}-we hear ya! The boss man scolded me for spinning the tires on one of the trucks and said with a smile-you are supposed to set an example, not be the example. Then we both laughed-never thought I'd be looked upon as the responsible elder others look at for guidance and mentorship. Guess I am growing up a little. Still can't get any of the boys to race me and my car yet, tho. They are afraid this old man would kick their butt. HAHAHA Life is only as much fun as you let it be.

I am having a ball!!!

Later gators.

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Larry said...

Funny how those nearing 40 appear so much older until we get there ourselves.