Sunday, September 30, 2007

3 musketeers

Chivalry, Honor, Bravery, Faith, Loyalty---these are things seldom heard or taught anymore as we grow up. As my little boy and I watched the three musketeers in the movie, Man behind the Iron Mask, he remarked at the end, with watery eyes, I want to be just like them. They are good men. So I explained again what they believed in and stood for and told him that all people could and should live their lives in that manner.
For a 8 year old that was a lot to absorb-but it made him feel good and made me think about what I do teach him. I have become lazy in teachings like most parents do by the third child. That is something I must remedy. But it is such a powerful cluster of 5 words. If a person is taught these 5 words and their meanings and taught how to live them in his every day life - how can that person possibly go wrong.
One for all-all for one!!

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