Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Perils of kids having free reign on internet

oh me- This has been one heck of a week. I was faced on the 7th with the difficult task of verifying whether or not my oldest sons girlfriend{on the internet} had commited suicide. Her myspace page was changed to a memorial type page and I couldn't find out anything at all. I've searched google death certificates in Miami where I thought she lived but to no avail. Then today I was given her moms email address by a friend of my sons, after he had a email chat with the mom. Seems this girl was only 13, and had been writing all this time under another name and age. The mom had intercepted one or more of my sons letters and cut off phone and internet. So the girl and her friends apparently made this memorial page to cover up her not being on internet. So today I wrote him a letter explaining the whole thing. I am so glad no one is deceased, but there has got to be more ways to protect ones self or kids from this sort of thing happening. The girl didn't even live in Miami-or Florida at all. What if my son had found out or thought she was dead, he would have gone crazy being held up in boot camp. I think maybe this will help huim understand about why I constantly preached about using the internet like he did. Which didn't help anyway. But shouldn't sites of this nature have some sort of age verification-or something to make sure your imputting correct information about yourself?
All I can say for sure is-Parents-be more aware and bug the tar out of your kids using the internet-you can't be too careful.

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