Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Be careful what you ask for-

Lately I have kind of been in a inspirational slump - if you know what I mean. Saturday I saw the young nightwatchman at work riding his bicycle by work with his 3 year old son on his arm-both of them laughing and sweating, but glad to be together. The dad is a young man raising his son by himself-much like I have been. He is financially strapped but does the best he can. I thought about that scene of them riding by all weekend. I am so fortunate and have been so blessed over the years and have much of what I would like to have. I know winter is coming and I hated to think of them riding the bike in the winter. SOOO-I got to feeling guilty and humble and gave him a car for free. I have bought 3 extra cars for parts for a racer I'm building- and I gave him the keys to the good one and said tell your boy that kindness and good people do exist in this messed up world. Thought he was gonna cry. No one had ever given him anything like that before. But I hated to tell him how good it made me feel too. I really rested good and was really at peace because I had helped out someone for no reason. I am not bragging about it-just wanted to remind you all what life is really all about. Respect, kindness, mercy, humbleness...
And to be careful what you wish for-sometimes it comes true. I really was inspired again.

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sumo said...

Wonderful Robert...that was the greatest thing. I too found out about some extraordinary kindness this weekend. I had to drive a long distance to go to an Aunt's funeral/memorial and I was 1 of 3 relatives that showed up for her husband (my husband's Uncle)...and it meant everything to him. I even stood up and made a speech about his wife (hard for me) simply because it would please him in front of his friends and neigbors. His neighbors treated him to the most beautiful home memorial service imaginable. The elegant food and wonderful desserts and just the plain kindness of helping him cope with his loss was awesome to see. My own son was struck by the kindness of these people. Since we live several hours away...I know these people will continue to keep an eye on him. You did a wonderful thing for that young man...and it will undoubtedly cause him to turn and do the same thing for someone in need when he is able. We must lead by example. And thank you for your kind words of encouragement regarding my husband...much appreciated.