Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smelling Countrified

I stepped out onto the front porch to smoke a ciggy{ I don’t smoke in the house}. It was about 10:20 in the evening. It was cool and clear and smelled so fresh and clean and countrified. And I could hear a million frogs{no pun intended Kvatch} singing their sweet rain songs, I could hear the last few bird chirps as they roost for the evening, I could hear the crickets coming to life. Down the road a dog was barking, cats were mewing around my feet, and I was awestruck. All these sounds created a beautiful scene in my mind. I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. It was so peaceful and relaxing UNTIL as I pulled the cigarette from my lips, it stuck and I pulled the cherry out between my fingers and it fell in my shirt pocket and burned a hole in me and pocket!!!
The moral of the story is I need to quit smoking.

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sumo said...

Good luck if you try.