Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All Grown Up

I guess at almost 44 years old, I'm almost grown up!! HAHA----NOT. I do say things and stop and think-oooooh-that sounded like Daddy. The kids call me an old square, stick in the mud... But I got news for them-I'm still as goofy as I ever was. We have burping and farting contests, moon each other, chase each other around the house wrestling, see who can climb the tree the fastest, who can build the coolest gizmo with legos...
Although I do have to watch it with Sarah{my daughter} around. She burps better than all of us. Hope she don't do that in public and say its my fault.
I admit that with maturity, your priorities seem to gradually change though. I enjoy nap time now. TV time is really snoozing time. Companionship is as important as sex. HAHA----NOT, well almost. I am glad to have a vehicle that runs-don't care what it looks like. In fact-I don't care what I look like either now. I've no worries about a mid-life crisis. I plan on living for 150 years. So I've got plenty of time for that later on. I have money left over each week-must be a sign of getting older. I seem to have more funny lines I shave over each day in the mornings.
I guess having a 17 year old signed up in the Marines does make me feel old. Or it will before he gets out. All I know is when I'm really old and in a wheelchair-MTV-pimp my ride!!!

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