Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Banana Spider

Yesterday evening was a beautiful evening-slightly breezy and a few degrees cooler. Me and Billy-my little one-played in the yard with the plants and critters and had a blast. We came in at dark and ate a good supper. Then I saw one of the garden spiders building a web right in front of the screen door. We watched as it so diligently labored with the web, almost a work of art. I took a picture of it and left the web alone because it was catching lots of flying insects from the porch light. AAHHHHHH-life is good.
That is until 6:30 this morning as I opened the screen door, spider web forgotten in my morning haze, and wound up with a face full of web and one perturbed spider. Which led to me creating a new dance step and somersaulting off the porch. I looked at my empty coffee cup and sighed. Looked like it might not be the best of days. I gotta hurry up and get the new deck built which will be only 1 foot from the ground instead of the 4 and a half foot high porch.
Another day in the life of a demented Texan.
Lator gators.

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michael greenwell said...

cool picture.never seen one like that before.