Sunday, August 19, 2007


Today I was accused of being feminine. The kids said their friends told them it looked like a lady lived in the house. I guess a clean house with a little tasteful decorations is a females duty. HAH-I hate a dirty house and I like to have a flower garden and decorations so the house feels like a home and looks decent. I told the kids it's their moms fault. Since she hasn't been around much-I had to blend the best of both parents into one.
Then smarty pants daughter asked if I was gay!! I guess I'll have to wear saggy pants with butt crack showing, holes in socks, spittoons sitting everywhere full of a brown creepy crawling concoction, with big mac wrappers laying all over, and park my motorcycle in the kitchen.
I am NOT gay in case any others ask. I just happen to have a little taste and I'm color coordinated and have a green thumb with an I.Q. bigger than my age.


Peacechick Mary said...

I know. As a young mother raising boy children, I kept thinking, I'm failing them - they need male influence. So, I tried to play ball with them and ride all the scary rides and use power tools. It's still not a male influence. But, the now men are ok anyway.

sumo said...

Mary...even to the point of using a chainsaw!

Robert...not to worry...we know you are all man...a renaissance man! And thanks for your kind remarks.