Sunday, August 12, 2007

My own little world

Today I cut the grass in the front which means I cut the right of way on both neighbors yards too so everything looks nice. I saw the neighbor lady coming over and she said I didn't have to always be doing that-but thanks so much. Then she said"Did I know her husband had died Thursday?" That kind of floored me. NO-I did not know that. She asked if I would cut the whole yard since she was headed to his funeral services and would have a lot of company. So I did.

But that sure made me think-I've only got two neighbors on opposite sides and both have had something happen to their husbands lately. I never even knew. I was so busy "in my own little world" that I forgot what a good neighbor is. Shame on me! I talk a lot of talk-better start walking the walk-huh.


sumo said...

So sorry for your you have the opportunity to give them some help now and again. That's what good people and neighbors are for. I know the lady did appreciate it...I put myself in her was very sweet of you. You're just that kind of great guy Robert.

MaryAnn said...

sumo, he is a good person and a good neighbor, for sure.

I've been meaning to thank you for cutting the front of my lot next to you Robert.

It is sad that we don't visit more often. Life just isn't the same as it was when we were kids. We used to have company over for homemade ice cream and the parents would sit outside and visit while the kids caught fireflies and played hide and seek.

I'm so sorry to hear about your other neighbor's husband. I haven't even got around to meeting them.