Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's not about the money

Today at work, after a rather hectic week of everything that can break down-will breakdown, a young coworker said why didn't I come with him and go work in the oilfield. He said I could make 20 dollars an hour. I didn't mean to sound rude to this youngster-but I told him " kid-I have a degree in electronics and could be making 75 dollars an hour if I chose to." He shut up for about an hour and then he couldn't stand it no longer. HAHAHA-I was waiting for him to ask. Why are you here doing this kind of work if you could be making a lot more somewhere else, doing a lot easier work?
Wellllllll{sound like my dad-goood god} Money aint everything. Granted it helps a whole lot, can't live without it, but I've spent my career time with my family just down the street or close by if they needed me, I've taught them the value of a dollar{isn't much anymore}, I don't have no commute time, I know all adults names in town and most of the kids, kids teachers were my teachers, I've been happy and own what I want, I happen to enjoy working with my hands making things better, I couldn't ask to have been blessed with a better life than this. More money wouldn't have changed any of that for the better! To the contrary, a lot of things I have enjoyed would not have fit into my hectic schedule if I had worked at another profession. So I think I'm way ahead of the game.
That shut him up for a little while! hehe
later gators

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Larry said...

There are many like this guy who breathe the all consuming dollar, but eventually something will happen in their lives, that will shake their world, and give them a glimpse of what is important.

Trouble is many still won't "get" it.