Monday, August 06, 2007

Semper Fi

Good day Mates. Hope everyone made it through Monday ok. Last night after I went to bed, the tele rang and the oldest son called saying he'd made it ok. Thanked me for being strong when he needed it-so he wouldn't lose it and cry in front of his friends and family. He then informed me I was a royal pain in the butt and ought to have been a drill sergeant, but that it was ok, and he loved me and to squeeze little brother for him. I was proud and excited and wide awake as he hung up. As I stood up to stretch-I forgot about the good ole ceiling fan I installed and lost all knuckle skin on both hands. I promptly informed the fan what I thought about it.
Moral of the story-keep body parts out of ceiling fans.
Later gators


sumo said...

So sorry for your knuckles. Stay strong dad and he will do the same.

Peacechick Mary said...

It 's like doing a high five with the fan!