Saturday, July 15, 2006

De ja vu / WWII

Doesn't this remind you of another era, sadly. This group of terrorists[and make no mistake about it] has sleeper cells in Mexico, US, Canada, UK, Africa, Germany, all middle eastern countries - and all under the command of the Iran leader. The similarities to Hitler are because he was a role model for them to look at and mimic. A lot of his ideas are similar enough to theirs to justify his tactics to them. If Al Quada hadn't brought the spotlight on terrorists in this country-we wouldn't have discovered the Hezbolah cells at work here. They are the Varsity team and Al Quada is the Junior Varsity team. They have won democratic offices in most countries over seas and have fouled democratic reform in a lot of third world countries by winning the elections through fear and genuine support. They are a group to be watched close and with worry. They have grown tremendously since their forming in 1982 in Iran. Its dejavu again-WWll.


sumo said...

Yeah...fascism is on the rise.

Anonymous said...

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