Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ostrich headed

I liked opening statements made by Oreily on Fox channel today-"There are 3 types of people in America right now. 1-its always Bushs fault if anything in the world goes wrong 2-the second group sees and understands what is happening and knows this isn't Bushs fault 3-the ostrich headed group who dont care and ignores world troubles
I think there should be a fourth group who wants to retake over the country and make things happen the way they should-wishful thinking huh.
Dont tell me Clinton could have done better-he bribed them{Iran and North Korea}and they still did what they wanted, and kept the bribes and laughed at him. This country has lost the respect it once had because of all the internal political bickering and the softness we portray to other countries. This country, USA, isn't united on anything. The last 3-4 presidents and government officials have not been able to perform like they should because of all the hand tying. Also the government officials as a whole, have the morality of a grain of sand. I don't like a lot of what Bush has said lately, but he's had more backbone than most of them. Considering how corrupt the gov is-he could have done a lot worse than he has. Hilary said "hope he gets all this mess cleared up before I get there". We encourage terrorism with this country wide split and constant bickering with each other. When a North Korean soldier was asked why they had not done anything yet to the USA, he replied"if we give them time, they are destroying themselves."


MaryAnn said...

Count me in the fourth group who wants to retake-over the country and make things happen the way they should. At least I could use common sense, which is severly lacking in government. But then I would hope that money and power wouldn't be my guide.

MaryAnn (who sometimes thinks that Kinky should be running for president instead of governor)

Anonymous said...

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