Friday, July 21, 2006

Little Country Towns

Good God man - it's good to be back in the great state of wide open spaces. I moved into town, the big city of Nixon-population 1,985. haha Things were so cramped in Florida and folks don't realize it down there. When you come out here-even the houses are spaced far apart compared to Panama City where I was. I really have enjoyed being back in this little town I grew up in. Everyone knows each other and each others business. There are no secrets in little country towns. But that has it's good side too. Your kids are watched by one and all and you feel safe letting your kids do things without a parents watchful eye. Sort of. People are so friendly and everybody waves and stops to talk no matter where you meet. People park in the street and dash in to Super S and grab soda and bread and dash back out without getting a ticket. There are good people no matter where you live - and I met the best in the state of Florida - but there seems to be even more in little country towns. I love it. AND NO HURRICANES either.


pissed off patricia said...

You mean you won't miss hurricane season this year? Hey, where's your sense of adventure?

Just teasing since because I live on the east coast of Fla. and have been hit three times in the last two years. Hurricane-anxiety is my new middle name.

Robert said...

Last 2 hurricane seasons were enough to last me a lifetime. I got lucky and didn't have it bad in Panama City-but it was enough for a misplaced Texan.

pissed off patricia said...

I lived in Panama City many years ago. We often visited Mexico beach on vacation. I remember it as being the most beautiful beach ever. There were vacation cottages right on the beach. So, so much fun!

I've lived in florida almost all my life and for the first time I'm thinking maybe I want to be some other place. Holding my breath from June till the end of November is not fun.

sumo said...

Hey...wondering where you are?

MaryAnn said...

I'm wondering where you are too, Robert!

Small towns, oh yeah, they have their good points and their bad ones. Guess the good outweighs the other. The people in small towns not only know each other and each other's business - they usually know what you've done before you do it!
But.....when you need help, the community will rally to your side.

Speaking of hurricanes in Florida - about 1½ years ago I flew into Orlando and couldn't believe all the blue tarps that were visible from the sky! I wonder if all those roofs have been repaired.

MaryAnn said...

For those of you who are wondering where Robert is......I found out today that, due to lightening, his computer is out of commission. Hopefully he will get it repaired or buy a new one soon!