Thursday, July 13, 2006

World History 101

The war to end all wars concluded in 1919 with a treaty signing and the forming of the League of Nations, to make sure there would be no more wars like WW1. The league was Woodrow Wilsons brainchild. But the US never signed the treaty saying that would make us under the command of the league of nations.
In 1931 Japan invaded a country and the League blustered and fumed and sent letters of protest and Tokoyo resigned from league.
Four years later Mussolini invaded Ethopia and the league protested , fumed and sent letters. Mussolini finally made Addid Ababa and Ethiopa part of Italy.
Hitler watched all this and marched his troops into the Rhineland and claimed it as Germanys in 1936.
The League of Nations fumed, blustered, threatened with letters as usual. Even the German people could not believe the lack attitude of the League. In 38 Hitler annexed Austria into Germany. As usual- the league did nothing but mouth off. This continued more and more and you know how all this ended later on - in WW2. The historical parrallels between the league in the 30s and the UN in the 90s is scary.
In the 90s, the Axis of Evil took turns testing the resolve of the United Nations and watching global reaction to it. First Saddam invaded Kuwait and survived the UN led war. His Axis counterparts watched as he defied the UN repeatedly. His downfall didnt occur for 12 more years until a US led coalition accomplished this feat even with the UN voicing disapproval.
After watching Iragy results, Kim-Jong ll pushed the envelope with our first nuclear standoff with North Korea in 1994. That resulted in him being bribed by Clinton not to make nuclear weapons, which he did anyway. He got away with it for 8 years while the UN blustered and fumed, and sent letters threatening sanctions.
That prompted Iran, the third member of the Axis of Evil, to began testing the UN in 1998 with their own nuclear weapons plans. It has managed to hold the world at bay in a Mexican standoff, so to speak. And all this with the UN fussing but doing nothing concrete.
Now with the missile tests in North Korea and Iran nuclear capable, the Axis of Evil analogy shows us that Iran will now make their move since the UN has done nothing severe. Aggressors always learn from history.
The stakes are higher now than in the past-this is Armageddon. I'd keep a close eye on Tehran if I were you. Iran and Syria will back Palestine and I can't see Israel backing down either. You do the math-or take a good hard, long look at history. History is never wrong and the same patterns keep being followed since in Bible days. And guess what else? If Iran gets the oil exchange going( dealing in euro dollars instead of American dollars) we we not have the finances to back Israel or anyone for that matter. We will see the ultimate takedown- an economic wipeout of the US economy. Russia, China, and the middle East will control the worlds oil. Better hope Zion gets that well drilled in Israel soon.
Words of Wisdom
Let a smile be your umbrella--------just plan on getting soaked.


sumo said...

The United Nations has a day that is coming...and it won't be pretty. They will be outdated for many reasons and people will not look to them for will then not exist. I think this may be witnessing the last throes that we keep hearing about.

D. L. Moczygemba said...

Lessons of history forgotten, mistakes shall be repeated!

Anonymous said...

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