Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wise words

Words of Wisdom
Watch out for people that act crazy - they may not be acting!!
I just got through watching the house makeover show. It is such an uplifting sight to witness the pure joy and appreciation on these peoples faces when they move the bus and the families get a look at their new house. I am glad that things like this still happen - even if its for tv ratings and money. The people of this world need to be more kind to each other and we need to figure out how to vent hatred and frustrations in a safe manner. There is still so much good in mankind-people have just forgotten how to let it flow. I give a thumbs up to tv reality shows that benifit and help people. Do you want to feel good inside---then help someone for no reason---and see what happens. Goodness from the heart has a strange way of multiplying. Later gators.

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