Friday, July 14, 2006

Liquid RFID chips

Hey cool cats - whats cooking. I'm starting to really hear and read a lot of info on the radio and internet and tv about the rfid chips and their uses and planned uses. Many listeners and readers are finally starting to get worked up and worried about possible forced implantation of humans.
FOLKS-the scientist that developed the chips came on Coast to Coast radio show 3 years ago and told about his new invention- the liquid version of the chip that he discovered. The military and the automotive industry had all ready bought part of the rights to it - 3 YEARS AGO. He had just sold Walmart the older type and was working on safequarding the uses of the liquid version.
You better be watching out for the world leaders trying to use this in a flu or vaccine shot of some kind. A pandemic bird flu vaccine maybe? Just some info to think on.

Words of Wisdom
When in doubt-smile - it drives people crazy.

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