Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When pigs fly

Remember ever hearing the term spoken "when pigs fly"? Guess what-I saw one fly today. My sister decided her pot belly pig [Ziggy] needed a pen in the back yard instead of living in the house. So I did most of it and we finished it this afternoon. And then the fun begin. She put the harness on him and we tried to get him out the back door. He's never been outside really, so he went bezerk and bucked and squealed and flew around in circles like some rodeo bull. I never knew they could move in that fashion or that fast. Let me tell you-they can squeal loader than you think too.
But he's a happy camper now in his new home.

Whats up with the computer hackers? Now the AP is saying the state department has had intrusions for two weeks and have had to change procedures, passwords...A lot of the hackers seem to be coming from China-which has a lot of insecure computer terminals and an extra large hacker army for creating havoc in enemys computer worlds. There's no telling what they have gotten from the government files-everything in the world is there. Makes you wonder.

Words of Wisdom
Perfect the art of looking innocent-then you can get away with anything.

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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.