Thursday, May 17, 2007

glorious spring afternoons

HEY THERE, you eclectic electronic browsers of info land- good evening!

Twas a glorious wonderful day in the beautiful south central area of Texas, where I call home. The weather was just down right pleasant, so when I got home I cut the grass, watered the grass[ sounds like an oxy-moron-or just plain ole moron] fed the kids, fed me, and then fed the critters that inhabit my house. Two kitties named lucky and seven, Leonardo the whirlwind weeny dog, TT the parakeet that never shuts up, Moby Dick the overgrown algae eater, 4 goldfish piranhas, and 2 minnows from the creek, 5 outside cats two! In the house-you learn to walk carefully so no animals are stepped on. tHEN I START to go[silly kitty walked on keyboard] back outside and just sit down and enjoy the rest of the cool evening just kickin back.............................................[dern kitty must be an internet freak-won't stay off keyboard]. As I sit on the garden bench enjoying the life I live, I hear the typical evening small town noises of mewing, meowing, chirping, splashing/plops , barking dog playing with cats, brothers and sisters hollaring I'm gonna tell daddy if you don't stop-I smile and remember-I'd be lost and unhappy without all this. So don't get too hung up on trials and tribulations, or your daily rut, and enjoy what is around you. So much entertainment and love and peacefullness can be had in your everyday little mundane things you do or see. So look and enjoy-be happy for a second-laughter is the best medicine.

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Peacechick Mary said...

Got your message about the bike ride - wow! That will be incredible. I hope you have good weather for it and lots of beautiful scenery.