Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Leonardo the Weeny dog

Subzero the kitten has a new buddy now-Leonardo the puppy. Someone had dumped him off and him and the kids hit it off right away. The kitty liked him too. Somehow the kids knew old grumpy couldn't say no when I saw how cute he was. The kids had been wanting a "hot dog". Kevin had asked for one earlier today. A guy pulled up in the drive and asked if I knew of anyone interested in a weeny dog-it was in the road and he was scared it would get run over. Think I'll hide from that guy next time I see him. haha
later gator

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sumo said...

Looks exactly like my female Droogie that I had put down a year ago April. You are very fortunate...they are wonderful loving dogs...and smart. They are too expensive to buy too. We were fortunate to get her from a co-worker very inexpensively. She started having seizures and I tried so hard to manage them with meds...but it just got worse with time. After 6 months I gave up on my baby...and let her go. I know more about it now...I should have done it sooner. He looks a dead ringer for her...it caused me a pang to see the picture...but I am very happy for you guys. Please post pictures now and again and tell stories about him.