Thursday, May 24, 2007

Route 66

Like many of the old/historical things of our past, Route 66 is disappearing from the map and minds of many. Most of the mom and pop hotels have long since gone under after the interstate was finished. Its a shame more cannot be done to preserve something that was so important and a vital part of the USA history. This highway symbolizes many of the things from our past, eg-typewriters, atari, family time at the dinner table......These and many more things helped fabricate what we are today. But they are gone by the wayside, making room for the new and improved things that help us live better and faster. YEA-POOPY!! This country has no moral fibre, no money , and people aren't near as happy as they were is past generations. You would think that all this new fangled stuff would be fantastic for us but it just seems to make us lazy and no happier than we were. In 1966 you could buy a special package ford fairlane that got 32 miles per gallon. At least half of the cars now barely do that-at least 50 years later! Peoples minds don't have to be as sharp as in the past because we rely on machines for much of what we do. I love the Internet, and my computer, but I try to live and instill in my kids the morals and the important ways and ideals of yesterday while living in the present. Sometimes its hard because the kids will say-"Dad-that don't make sense-that's not how things are done now!" So I have to tell them things aren't done correctly nowadays-allot of the time. Leaders don't set good examples, supposed heroes of the youth act despicable, religious leaders are scary for youth. SOOOO we try to be a close knit family with lots of each other time and personal one on one time. We try to be alert and read between the lines as leaders do their political dance and promise us the world, we stay strong and live life as it should be and it works so far. Many friends of mine worry about how much they make, but its never enough and they don't see that money isn't everything. Make enough to pay the bills-don't make too many extra bills to pay and you'll have more ease at making enough money and more enjoyable fun with family and friends enjoying what life throws at you. Have some old fashioned family fun time before your gone and forgotten like route 66.

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MaryAnn said...

I agree completely! One good thing about seeing the country on our bike - we don't travel on the interstates unless we are in a big hurry. Of course with all the traffic being taken away from these businesses on the smaller highways, they won't be able to stay in business for long, and that's sad. We stopped here Route 66 on our way home from Yellowstone. That's Jesse on our bike.