Monday, May 21, 2007


I wonder what would happen if all the citizens of the USA got together and told the governing body that we are not voting again until serious changes are made in the system and we demanded that the current governing body start making changes immediately. We should do away with political parties and just have individuals judged on their capabilities-not their party. The Washington DC political dingalings would no longer be allowed to do what they want-they would have to do what we want-the people-as it was back at the beginning of this wonderful country. The people running for government positions would be held accountable for their actions at all times. They would have to be a moral, behaving, respectfull person-male or female- with this countries welfare at heart......what a dream-huh!

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sumo said...

There would be anarchy...and it wouldn't happen anyway...because there's always going to be some joker that insists on being a leader. Power always corrupts...even those with the best intentions. Poncho Villa and Emilio Zapata fought against the man...only to at some point nearly become the man...and it scared they backed off...and then were betrayed by the very person they had tried to help to power in the first place. It just never ends.