Friday, May 25, 2007

Thinking tooo much

A lot of my blogs are light hearted and silly and mildly stupid- it helps to keep things in perspective. With the different bouts of cancer and leukemia and lung abscesses, I've done a lot of serious thinking about life and what I've done here in my time. I made my kids my life and I am happy with that choice. It has been very fulfilling and has given me much pleasure[and pain]. This worlds material possesions mean nothing at all. I am not vain enough to want the world to remember me, and I know I cant change the world, but I can be remembered by my family and all those around me and I can change their world for the better. The most beautiful feeling is the look of love from a child to its parent. It does not get any better. My legacy to this world is more nuts just like me. I've been fighting off another lung abcess again and it gets frustrating sometimes-I know eventually my lung will have to be removed-but you know what-I don't care! I might be the new bionic man of 2010. All these ailments have kept me in line and made me constantly think of what's important. And I have not slowed down working either. You couldn't break my faith in God with a sledge hammer. So think about what you might change if your time on earth is nearly over- and live life in that manner. And tell all your loved ones the things you haven't had time to-cause you might not ever get another chance. Loving words and gestures are timeless and priceless and are remembered forever.
Told you I think toooo much.

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