Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cloned FOOD

How do you feel about government slipping approval by us, about cloning our food products. They didn't want us to worry about it or cause any problems . BUT_HEY_whats the difference between cloned people and cloned food. I don't care- as long as I am informed and have a choice in the matter. They also determined that no labeling is needed . So how do you know what your eating? Makes you wonder!


Kvatch said...

They also determined that no labeling is needed .

They thought about cloned labels, but that seemed a little redundant.

Seriously though, I buy most of my groceries at Whole Foods Market, and they're so uptight I can't imagine them buying from a supplier that sold cloned anything. But many are not so lucky. It sucks.

MaryAnn said...

If you really want to know what you're eating....raise it yourself. And then be careful what you feed it or spray it with.

It's scary to think that "we are what we eat", isn't it!!!