Sunday, April 08, 2007

What are you made of?

As I sat in the bedroom folding clothes, listening to the radio, I heard Billy in the bathroom singing as he sat on the toilet. Then I heard Sarah in her room singing as she played on her computer. I went and checked on Kevin in his room and he was singing along with his Ipod laying on his bed. You know what---things are really great here. Everyones at peace and happy. Thats something no amount of money can buy. I am comfortable with myself and where I am in my life and the Lord constantly shows me little miracles to help me remember who's the boss and how he promised to take care of me and my family. A lady stopped by Saturday evening to say hello. She lived in Austin and I had helped her get her car going so she could get home about 8 years ago. I hadn't charged her anything and she never forgot that that little act. She wanted to introduce her family to the young man with who had helped her. Embarrassed the poop out of me. They left a envelope in my mailbox with 100.00 dollars and a note thanking me for taking care of their mom when no one else in town would. That was 8 years ago. I had forgot about it. Apparently they hadn't. That tiny simple act of kindness had affected that whole family.
Things like that remind me how blessed I am and how much I enjoy being alive right now. Yep-it was a really good weekend.
What are you made of?


sumo said...

You'll have to read my post to see how it was for me. I whined...I know I shouldn't have...but I needed to. I think it's wonderful that those people came by to show their appreciation although you didn't need it. But people aren't appreciated enough anymore...I was happy to see that they honored you for your kindness. I know you are the kind of person that would help someone regardless...but a kindness either way is always a sweet thing. You remind me of my father. He'd use his last dime to help a fellow human. He's wonderful...I'm lucky he's my father.

Mariamariacuchita said...

That is a very cool story.