Friday, April 06, 2007

Kiss My Grits

My kids delight in finding different ways to tell me I'm an old man. The other day I told my oldest son to "Kiss my grits". He looked at me stupidly and said "whats that Dad-must be an old man saying!" OLD MAN my butt. I'll be 44 on the 22 of this month-I am not old! But -----wait a minute----had to count the years to see if 44 or 45, can't remember. haha Had to put on reading glasses to sit at computer, had to get kids to help take off boots, put instant coffee in the coffeemaker, buttered the bread and then put it in the toaster, forgot glasses were on top of head, get the point. I still am not old-I'm just breaking my body in where its comfortable like an old pair of boots. Kids said I smell like old boots too. Where was I? Oh yea---KISS MY GRITS!!


Anonymous said...

dad said welcome to his world....about getting old. glad you're back on your blog. love mama

Kvatch said...

This is why I never had kids. I didn't want anybody but the Frogette telling me what an old frog I am.