Sunday, July 15, 2007

Drowning Bloggeroos

Daily, each evening, after supper, I do my daily ritual of reading the writings and thoughts of the Internet elitist-the bloggers on my favorites list. It's quite a list and I enjoy a wide spectrum of opinions. One thing I notice that concerns me is the general anger and frustration written day in and day out by wonderful people who are at their wits end and want to voice concern about how governments are running their country. I agree with most of them but hope they don't drown in all the negativity they write. Occasionally look around and find something happy or pleasant to think about so you don't drown in the current state of things. Each and every one of you bloggers out there are enjoyable and thought provoking but in order for your batteries to stay charged- you need a tiny break now and then. So be careful and don't burn yourself out- then what would I read?

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