Sunday, July 29, 2007

think about it

Me and the little one re watched The Postman movie today and he wanted to know was that the only way to stay in touch back in the old days. He said they sure needed Internet back then. At 8 years old, he's grew up in an electronic age of convenience. Can you imagine the chaos and frustration in each household if the satellite gizmo's suddenly didn't work for awhile, or any of the new fangled gizmos we all enjoy-cell phones, internet, no land line phones, no tv, no games... That is scarier than me running for President.

Lator gators


Anonymous said...

Once last fall, my ISP (AT&T) screwed up my connection be allocating IPs from a dormant range that they got from SBC. The upshot being that my bandwidth dropped to about 60 baud (circa 1978 or to put it another way...useless).

What I learned from that was that with out the Internet I'm worthless, helpless, useless. The mind boggles.

sumo said...

Right on Kvatch...the mind boggles.