Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MORE rain

I guess it is not gonna stop raining any time soon. I didn't even have the PC on last night because of the lightening storms. It did have the air cooler tho and that is a plus this time of year. The rain is so clean smelling and good tasting and fun to play in---but enough is enough. I watched as the police came by going out to the bridges at end of town checking for flooding or stranded motorists. Most of the highways and byways around here flood at all the low water crossings for a little while, but quickly run off and are passable. Guess I need to google for an unrain dance!! Why does the satellite Internet work in the rain but the TV satellite quits in the rain? So me and the kids played hide and seek for a while till Billy got carried away and hid in the dryer.---not cool---time for bed then.
your soggy, saturated, prunish bloggeroony

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Larry said...

I've wondered about the satellite problems as well. I tried a cover for the dish, that was supposed to stop this, but never worked for me.