Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh what a day

KIDS-they are like a rollar coaster ride. They are scary, fun, nauseating, @#$%^&*teach you patience... My oldest son leaves in 2 weeks for boot camp in California and for the last 3 weeks he's been holy heck to live with. I finally told him to go visit his mom for his 2 remaining weeks.
Later one of his girl buddies came by looking for him and said don't be too frustrated with him, he was nervous and afraid and thought if he was mad at everyone-it would make it easier for him to leave home. That really made me feel stupid-ought to be used to it by now. Then I get a email from a 22 year old girl who wants to go out for coffee and get to know me. I sent her a note asking if her glasses needed readjusting or was she legally blind!! Then the little man [8] says DAD don't worry, he loves me and I have been doing ok. He says his bro and sis are stupid and mean and pains in the booty. After settling down and watching tv a little bit, I realize that its not all that bad. Its just kids being kids, and me being a parent who cares. Oh well-life goes on-wonder what tomorrow brings?
adios amigos

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sumo said...

Sorry for the turmoil...I get that way before I'm going to get on a plane. I don't mean to get cranky...but I do because of nerves. Good vibes coming your way and his too. Hope this thing will be over with before he has to deploy anywhere.

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