Sunday, July 08, 2007

Makes you stop and think

A couple of days ago, my little one said I didn't care about him. Typical kid reaction to not getting what they want. His cousin was here visiting for the summer. I told Billy that he better count how many toys and video games he had and be carefull what he said or he might not get any more. In about an hour he came up and said he and his cuz had figured up they money value of games was 2550.00 and toys they didn't know. Billys cuz then said that was really cool, because his Dad wouldn't spend anything on him at all since he was born. That made me feel bad for him-because he's been hinting for a year that he sure would like to live with me and the kids. With the oldest son leaving I guess I got room for another one. I told him I'd talk to his mom and he said that was the best news he'd ever had. It sure made Billy stop and think for a minute-me too. I do have it good and things always keep happening good for me, so maybe I'll be able to spread a little more happiness in this messed up world. We'll see.

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