Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The last couple of weeks have been quite noisy in the trees here. The cicadas have come by to visit. Momo the cat decided she's the official bug getter. I'll see her in the tops of the Chinaberry trees hunting a locust until she finds one and then she brings it to the front porch and plays with it till it escapes and flies away. They provide a nerve wracking yet familiar summertime evening symphony which reminds me it's truly summer time. I remember that noise as I grew up-it meant no school and freedom to play. Now it reminds me to water the trees to quiet them down a little! They are soothing though later in the evening as they turn the volumn down a bit and I sit on the bench in the yard unwinding.


michael greenwell said...

we don't have them here but when i have been travelling i notice them all the time

sumo said...

Don't have them in Californy either. Crickets are enough.