Friday, June 01, 2007


Graduation Night is over. I lived to see my oldest child\young man graduate from high school. I didn't know whether to hollar oboy or boohoo. I'm just glad he made it-being near the top of the class was just a bonus. He allowed me to give him a hug because he was delirious from that freedom feeling he had. He just hasn't realized that it will wear off and the harsh realities of life will set in. But for now he's a 17 year old graduated and leaving for San Diego in August. And I sit hear pounding the keyboard trying to figure out how those years disappeared, and how did he turn out so good? haha

One down and two more to go!


sumo said...

Is he going to the University there in San Diego? It's beautiful there...I'm driving for a visit in July. Can't wait!

Robert said...

He joined the Marines.