Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dirt circle track racing

Tonights post is for my mom to show her more of what me and the kids are gonna be doing, in preparation for next years racing season.

I'm building a dirt track racer for the bomber class-as a family project and to satisfy my need for speed. haha

Its an entry level class with hardly no modifications so as to keep it affordable for weekenders to have a little cheap fun.

Ill post pictures furthur along as I get it ready. Its still a good clean fun way for me and the kids to work on something exciting together. My little one says hes gonna be pit boss. There will be 6 or seven of us from here and Smiley running together at the races-makes things a little more fun. Theres the heat races to see who will be in the final 20 lap race, and then you get to watch all the rest of the races. Ought to be a blast.

lator gators

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