Friday, June 29, 2007

Thomas Edison and the Bailey Electric Car

Thomas Edison (left) is pictured here with Mr. Bailey (right) in a Bailey Electric Car equipped with an Edison battery about 1912. While Edison made great strides in his effort to produce a battery for electric vehicles, he did not succeed at developing a battery that supplied sufficient power and range to enable electric cars to out-compete gasoline-powered ones.

Our pretend quest for an alternative fuel source has been stymied and bamboozled for a century now. The battery car has proven technically and scientifically to be the best alternative there is for moving the masses. The hydrogen fuel cell is an endeavor of futility. Our governing bodies have not let there be any improvement in gas fuel economy in 20 years. The current average gas mileage is 25 mpg per car made in USA. Import cars average 42 mpg. There has been no significant rise or improvements made since Carter was president. Isn't it about time we have a good old fashioned revolution-a scientific revolution and lets rebuild this country like it should be, and stop squashing smart and economical methods of transportation . Let the free thinkers brainstorm and give us-the people-new ideas and methods for improving our way of life. I for one am tired of being told how to live and what I like. I think I will build me a customized electric 1987 blazer for the car shows and show it on the Internet. And show the price differences between electric versus gas, from the ground up. Think I'll call it MV-my vehicle.

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