Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What the HECK!

Sometimes I just wanna scream! I'll just get through commenting on a post or writing a little blog post and have to enter the stupid letters as I see them. And whammmo-ERROR.Reenter the letters as you see them And just to make me feel bad-they will have a few less letters. And whammo-ERROR! Enter the letters as you see them. This time only 4 letters with wide spaces are staring at me defying me to be stupid again. Good God man-I wanna use a hammer on the keys to puntuate my entering them by this time. Why can't they just use normal font so my addled and senile and blind old butt can get it right the first time? Oh well- later.


Kvatch said...

Acutally, I know for a fact (verified it) a couple of different times, that the images sometimes get out of sync with the word Goog-sorry-Blogger is actually expecting. Happens reliably the first time I try to comment on a site that I've recently forced to refresh. that time! :-)

michael greenwell said...

i bought my current laptop in korea so i ahve problems of these kind all the time

BTW - thanks for the support. i just discovered it tonight.