Friday, June 22, 2007

Nautical decorating ideas

You don't have to live by water to decorate a home with a seafaring theme:
From lighting to area rugs, lighthouses play a feature role in nautical decorating . They are a national treasure and highly collectible.
Hang an area rug as wall art for a twist .
Put a painted fireplace screen in front of a non-working fireplace or use it in the warm weather.
Hang sailor flags that usually warn of weather changes and challenges as a window valance .
Choose from a wide variety of nautical artwork ranging from rustic to sophisticated .
Incorporate handpainted pieces that continue the coastal theme . Look for fabrics that enhance a water-themed space--Nantucket lightship baskets , various ships, seaside toile, shells, maps, etc.
Hang an old oar above a bed or fireplace for a perfect nautical accent (figure D).
Use a wallpaper border in a nautical theme in any room in the house.
When I was in Panama City-at one of the marina bed and breakfast inns, they had an old tree carved into pelicans like a totem pole.
Hang a fisherman's net on the wall with seashells all in it.
All in all, a nautical theme in a room is very pleasing and relaxing to look at and be in.
I want to turn my bedroom into a Hawaiian bungalow with bamboo window trimming. Bamboo or large reed like plants make good borders for pictures too. Dried and clear coated, they look wonderful bordering a large sea faring picture or rug.
If your really smart-don't pay any attention to me cause I cant even get my shirt buttons done right sometimes in the mornings, or matched socks!
Later amigos.

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MaryAnn said...

I like the Hawaiian bungalow idea, but I want mine to come with a Cabana boy who brings me drinks and fans me. LOL